Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Inside/Outside Zone Count System

A few years ago, our high school sent our football coaching staff to the University of Oregon to learn more about the No Huddle Spread Offense.

When we sat down with the O-line coaching staff, they talked about how they use the Count System in order to identify who's blocking who.  So here is what I learned while attending the clinic.

When running any type of zone play, the Count System tells the offensive line who they are suppose to block while the covered/uncovered principal tells them how they are suppose to block (footwork & hand placement).  When using the Count System it ensures the offensive line will block five to six play side defenders, while the Quarterback or insert player is responsible for one defender.  The Center must recognize and identify which defender is #0.  Must have a Center who is somewhat smart (must be able to count, LOL!!) and is a good leader, since he is setting the blocking schemes.

How Does It Work Coach?

The Center must identify and block the "Point" man (the defender assigned as the A-Gap defender to the play side, which we number 0).  The O-line will block five (5) play side defenders.  Now if we incorporate a formation with a Tight-End, he will be responsible for the #3 defender outside of the Center's man.  If the defense aligns in a six (6) man box, the Quarterback is responsible for the 6th man.  Quarterback must make the defender respect him as a runner.  Understand that we will double team the 1st line defender to our assigned number and must get VERTICAL Movement!!


  • Outside Shade
  • Head Up
  • Inside Shade
  • No D-Lineman covering you up
  • Two (2) adjacent lineman covered
Vertical Movement
  • 2nd Step is a lead step straight ahead
  • Take care of the 1st level 1st
  • Getting vertical movement on double teams
  • Stay on your aiming point
Blocking Rules:
  • Center - Identify and block #0
  • Guards - Block play side #1 and backside #1
  • Tackles - Block play side #2 and backside #2
  • Tight-End - Block play side #3, while QB is responsible for backside
So here's how it looks:


The Inside Zone is a HOLE to CUTBACK play.  DO NOT BOUNCE OUTSIDE!!


Outside Zone Explanation

  • Blocking rules are the same as Inside Zone
  • Difference is the aiming point of the Offensive Lineman
  • Play Side O-Line takes a kick-step to the outside and Karaoke crossover step to get up field
  • Backside opens on the play side foot and loses ground (Don't allow penetration)
  • Rip & Run technique, try to get the outside shoulder of defender
  • If we haven't reached the defender by the 3rd step, run them as far as you can


The Outside Zone is not a CUTBACK play, it's a CUT-UP play!!